Morisawa Yu
Creamy Mami

Morisawa Yū (森沢優 Morisawa Yū) is the main character of the series Magic Angel Creamy Mami. She is a ten-year-old girl with the ability to transform into Creamy Mami (クリィミーマミ Kurīmī Mami), a 16 year-old version of herself.

Yū has short, straight blue hair and dark eyes. She wears a red t-shirt under a white hooded vest with a yellow hood and a red ribbon, and a yellow skirt. She wears yellow knee-high socks, though one is folded to about halfway up her calf and the other is held up with a red ribbon that matches her red ballet flat shoes.

Mami is taller than Yū and has light purple, shoulder-length wavy hair. Mami wears blue eyeshadow and light pink lipstick. Her most common outfit is a yellow dress with a body-conforming bodice and a light yellow tu-tu-esque skirt, with short flowy cuff sleeves and a yellow and red choker. She also sports knee high yellow socks with similar cuffs along the top, and red high heels.