Pastel Yumi, the Magic Idol is a 25 episode magical girl series that takes place in the same universe as Creamy Mami and is the 4th anime in Studio Pierrot's magical girl series.


Yumi Hanazono loves flowers. She does not perform well in school, but loves to draw, and wants to be a manga artist. Her family runs a flower shop so she has grown up with a floral appreciation. Yumi is a very good artist, but does not always use the best judgement when she chooses her subjects. On the day of the Flower Festival, she entertains the other children by drawing portraits of the Lady Fukurokouji on the walls of her mansion. An angry Fukurokouji makes her clean the entire wall, but as she is doing so, she sees Fukurokouji about to destroy a dandelion. After saving it, she replants it in a tulip field. To her surprise, it starts speaking to her. The voices belong to Kakimaru and Keshimaru, two flower elves who have come to the Human World to grant Yumi special powers as a reward for her kindness.

The two elves give Yumi a magical wand and locket made from tulip blossoms. If Yumi draws something in mid-air with her wand, and recites the phrase, "Pastel Poppuru Poppin-pa!", whatever she drew will become real. The magic will only last for a short time, however.

Yumi uses her new powers to get to the Flower Festival celebrations by drawing a horse (which the elves turn into a pegasus). She uses them again when she accidentally ruins her father's contest entry, a life-size doll. She creates a duplicate dress and models it herself.

Yumi's new power does have problems, though. She must be very inventive when solving problems, and whatever solution she thinks of must work within a time limit. Also, unlike other magical girls, she does not have the best family life. Her mother is an alcoholic, and her parents are always fighting, even separating at one point.