Mysterious Birth of a Magical Star is the first episode of Magical Emi, the Magic Star. It first aired on June 7th, 1985.


The story begins with Mai's maternal grandmother Haruko Nakamori leading the Magic Carat troupe through moving into their new residence while also loading some equipment prior to an exhibition while our heroine Mai has taken to attempting a practical joke with her little brother Misaki that sets the stage for a clumsy magic act much to the delight of her maternal grandfather Yousuke Nakamori; Misaki stumbling upon a stage costume sets the stage for the mirror fairy Topo to arrive on the scene and lead Mai to another location where he houses himself in a stuffed flying squirrel prior to explaining that he is charged the delivery of a magic bracelet to whichever child can perceive his presence as he leads Mai through the henshin sequence. Unfortunately, the Magic Carat troupe driving off without her forces Mai to give chase; a good Samaritan soft landing from Shou Yuuki later, Mai catches up to the Troupe at the Space Big Bang auditorium but has a bit of trouble getting in. Topo losing his footing and falling onto the stage ultimately catalyzes Mai's first transformation into Magical Emi which saves the show; shortly thereafter, Shou's destination is exhibited along with Shou's eventual arrival.