His Beloved Boxing is the third episode of Magical Emi, the Magic Star. It first aired on June 21st, 1985.


While preparing for the home commute, Mai has it explained to her that Shou Yuuki has quite a following among her female classmates; a clumsy tumble later, Mai's prologue with Shou becomes apparent when he promises to transport her to Big Bang where Haruko is directing everybody through preparing the stage for an exhibition. Unfortunately for Shou, the fraternal altruism of transporting Mai does not sit well with his teammates and it does not help matters when Shou has to act as a substitute when one of the members Akira Matsuo is sidelined with a cold. This becomes the forum for Shou's prologue of why he is a boxer rather than a magician to be demonstrated along with the dangerous opportunity the team captain delivers him: train and box with everyone else or drop the club. The sparring match with the Captain after school to extinguish the resentments of his teammates and to earn the privilege to be part of the boxing club along with Yousuke and Haruko's exhortation to Shou for his assistance effectively forces Shou to be in two places at one time; while overtly successful, it is ultimately a very draining method for Shou and the Captain to resolve their differences.