A Magical Debut... Live on TV! is the second episode of Magical Emi, the Magic Star. It first aired on June 14th, 1985.


In an attempt to develop a healthy perspective of her recent henshin into Magical Emi, Mai dreams of watching her idol Emily Howell put on a prestidigitation exhibition as her mother Youko desperately tries to wake her up for school; while Mai bootstraps herself for her school commute, a TV producer named Shigeru Koganei takes an interest in Magic Carat catalyzed in no small part by Magical Emi. Shigeru's son Musashi arrives hoping to share the school commute with Mai who races past him into a secluded area to test her magic and runs right into Shou before racing off oblivious to the emerging logistical imbroglio that both Magic Carat and Junichi will visit unto her. Magical Emi's whereabouts inquired her, Topo foils Mai's attempt to come clean while Youko cares nothing of the collateral damage that she causes Magic Carat by forcing poor Mai on a family outing; fortunately, Junichi being completely engrossed in the movie and Mai's resourcefulness prove to be the ultimate deus ex machina along with Shou's well-timed arrival and speedy driving to the studio.